I regret splitting my raptor.

When I set up my new system I split up my 150 Raptor in half and put Vista on half. I forgot that some programs don't let you put them where you want them...they default to the temp folder in C . So Crysis, etc have to go on my C drive instead of where I want them. I know there is a way to put the temp folder on another partition or drive...or is there another way to take care of my problem? If not, how do I move the temp folder?
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  1. I dont know what your talking about with installing stuff to the temp folder thats insane... most if not all installers allow for a "custom" install that you can place the install directory anywhere you want.

    In regards to changing your temp folder. Windows Key+Pause break... Select "advanced tab" Then "environment variables" in the top window you can change the path of your temp folder to what ever you want.
  2. OK, maybe I'm not being clear or I just don't know what I'm talking about. Some programs don't give you the option of putting them where you want...Crysis is the example I'm thinking of...or COD4. So it gets put on your C drive. Is there any way to not have it go on my C drive? Or move it after it installs? My 75 Gig drive will fill up pretty quick if I don't. Is that clearer?
  3. If it doesn't let you, then no you probably won't have much success copying it over to another drive either. You can try but I think you might run in to some issues.

    Sorry, and good luck to ya.
  4. Try using "Custom Install" instead of "Express/Easy" next time.
    On the next screen you press the "Change" button to change the location.
    I installed Crysis (barf) to my "D:" Raptor without hickups.

    If that's not enough use something like Partiton magic to resize the main partition of the Raptor to 150GB and be happy.
  5. You can pretty much forget moving a program. There are just too many hidden out of the way files and registry crapola to allow a clean move.

    Not saying it can't be done, it is just a major witch.

    BTW, when Vista SP1 came around, I unpartitioned my raptor and did a reinstall of Vista. Not saying it runs faster, but it seems to run cleaner with the OS and every program all on one drive.
  6. I really don't see the point of installing the OS on one partition then games and/or programs on another. Try a partitioning program like Partition Magic and make the whole Raptor the C drive, or if anything, reinstaill Vista and make the Raptor just one partition.
  7. The point of putting the OS on a smaller partition (first partition) is to ensure that the OS is always on the outer edge of the disk vs. being spread around the entire disk. This keeps Windows and page-file performance at a maximum. The rest of the disk will be slower tho but at least Windows will always run as fast as it can on the drive.
  8. Thats the trouble with Bill's OS, even when you get to tell a program where to install, it still puts a bunch of crap in the windows folder, like dll's and hat sort of crap.
    So you need a good sized drive for C:\
    What you need if you don't want to kill off your current software install, is a good non destructive partitioning program.
    Out of the 4 good ones on the market I would pick:

    Acronis Disk Director Suite 10 it's only $50 and works great. Good bang for the buck, and you can find it online for sale even cheaper.
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