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Pretty simple poll for just pure speculation until some hard data comes in. How do you think the ATI HD 3800 will compare to the newly released and great performing nVidia 8800GT. No specific speeds or streams to be analyzed, just raw performance and the power to fuel demanding new games.
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  1. By ATI's own pricing I think it'll be less performance.
  2. I dont think it will be far off performance wise, the price can be explained by the fact that it will be 55nm and not 65 like the 8800GT so will obviously be cheaper to make,also i feel ATI/AMD owe the people something they have some hardcore fans who have stuck by them while they have been going through all the probs with the 2900 etc. Of course this wont be reflected in the real world, They are trying to claw back some market share so the only real ways to do it are to have a very good card or a good card, not starteling but as near to the competition as makes no odds but at an attractive price.
    Not wishing to hyjack the thread but i would like to add a question of my own to run alongside if i may?
    How much of a performance deficite would you take to get the DX10.1 that is on the 3800?
  3. They do say now that 10.1 is hardly noticeable (microsoft). Apart from AMD/ATI of course..
  4. Thats what i thought until i read the toms article on the subject sorry dont have a link to hand its under articles and reviews.
    here you go guys. According to this article, DX10.1 is something exciting. Apparently Nvidia is purposely just trying to make DX10.1 look like nothing.
  6. REMEMBER THIS: There will be RV670 based HD 3850 and 3870's released. The 3850 will be slower than an 8800GT. The 3870 will be on par with an 8800GT. The R680's will own everything up for a month or so until Nvidia pulls out their G92 based highend card in December or January. These are DX10.1 cards. They are built to run games at 4x AA by default. They probably won't be as sluggish in texture filtering duties as my poor 2900XT =)
  7. I am pretty sure DX10.1 has...I think forced is the word I am looking for...4x AA. Am I right in saying this? So yeah, DX10.1 is a big deal. When is the planned release date for R680? What about R700?
  8. You forgot the poll question, the Hype, FUD, prognostication of the HD3800 will grow exponentially as we approach the launch date, so much so it will slow down time to make both cards appear to perform better than they do in real life.
  9. It's supposed to be about $50 cheaper and about 15% less performance, but it should run a little cooler and use a little less juice. In my opinion either one will be a good buy, if you were to go by a price/performance ratio.
  10. TheGreatGrapeApe said:
    You forgot the poll question, the Hype, FUD, prognostication of the HD3800 will grow exponentially as we approach the launch date, so much so it will slow down time to make both cards appear to perform better than they do in real life.

    10/10 for future prediction
  11. Now will directX 10.1 work with the installation of service pack 1,or does it need to coded by the game makers.Now if its by sp1 of Vista then AMD/ATI has what they have been looking for along with X-fire
  12. ro3dog, It comes with both.

    First you need SP1, then you need the game to add the features supported.
  13. I don't know, but they really need to improve on the HD2900XT to make it a worthy competitor to the 8800GT.

    What I think is the "funniest" right now, is that both AMD and NVidia are both releasing high-end-mainstream VPU without previously releasing a high-end refresh. I don't know about you, but this look very unusual to me.

    The reason might very well be that the current offering in that market segment is just too weak. The result is that their high-end offering become obsolete from one day to the next. Who is gonna buy a GeForce 8800Ultra/GTX at 650$ when they can get 2 8800GT to put in SLI, with much better performances in most case? All that with money left in their pocket. It just doesn't make sense to me.
  14. Well it's kinda like what they've done before with the launch of the GF6800GS and X800GTO and the GF7950GT and X1950Pro/GT. It's near the end of the life before the G100/R700, so really do you waste your effort on another refresh or get ready for your last hurrah with intel waiting to jump into the fray?

    I it worth making the last GIANT-GPU where the 33-50% boost in performance required of a 'new Top-end' is on 1 chip, or do you get ready to launch your next solution that involves multi-cores? And if it involves multi-cores would you not launch the single core version first and test it's capabilities while refining your multi-core solution/support?

    I think this is the way of the future, whereas before we saw them launch the big dog first, and trickled down the tech to the mid-range, but since the top cards will now be modular, they will either launch them all at once or launch the single chip solution first and then the high end.

    So in order to not kill their top end they limit the support for individuals combining these to beat the top end, just like the GT is shut-out of TRi SLi, I think the same will happen in the modular future.

    Just my 2 frames' worth as always.
  15. IMO 3870XT will be slower and cheaper and in the end offer better price/performance, but if 8800GT is affordable, its probably the best pick till 2nd gen of DX10 cards.

    P.S. Whats with the BUGGY vote polls? Cant they sort it out already? Its been awhile.
  16. I think the new 38xx cards will be better than the 8800gt due to the 55nm process and newer architecture, which is why ati didn't name it the hd2950 series.
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