Disk read error - XP on a new ATA WD HD


I've just replaced my old HD with a new ATA WD5000AAKS hard drive on an ASUS K8N board.
Tried to install a fresh XP SP2 (from CD), created a NTFS partition, formatted and installed XP.

After the first boot, I get the message "Disk read error, press CTRL+DELETE".
I do have an access to the HD, see the files but it won't boot.
The new HD is detected by the BIOS it is on the boot list.

I already tried: fixmbr, fixboot, chkdsk /R
I do have the latest BIOS ver (however it is already 1 year old)
Any idea how to proceed??

Many thanks
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  1. Have you checked to make sure that the sata ports are still enabled in the bios??
  2. they are enabled, I do have an access to the HD but it won't boot
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