WD Caviar SE16 750 or Seagate 7200.11 750

I need help choosing between the two. Seagate 750 is 10$ cheaper on newegg, but I see a couple people having problems with the driver and removing the jumper. Which of these two are faster?
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  1. And I bet you can't find any reviews on these drives, can you?
  2. Here ya go:


    There is a drop down menu with about 15 different performance measurments.
  3. Thanks, I had been following this review

  4. I posted my stats with my Seagate 750 here:

    I also had a little trouble removing the jumper, but I just bent a needle and used it to pull it out, worked nicely!
  5. wtf man that was right there all along I swear I thought I only saw 1 TB SE16 and 7200.11 :pt1cable:
  6. wd6400aaks is better than both.
  7. No question...the WD6400AAKS is the fastest 7200 rpm drive on the market

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