New gaming build, what to start with?

First of all, I don't have any idea what forum this should go in, so sorry if this is the wrong forum.

I've finally decided upon my pc build, and now comes the next step; What should I do? I have a fresh pc, just installed windows 7 and nothing else, didn't touch the bios or anything. What're the first things I should do? I know for one, i'm gonna start by overclocking and installing all the windows 7 updates, but then what? (I'm not just talking about applications here, I mean applications, computer settings, bios settings, etc.
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  1. Install drivers first. Then updates. Don't overclock anything until you do so. After you're done with that, install hardware monitoring tools, and then you may overclock :).
  2. Could you give me some examples of hardware monitoring tools?
  3. HWMonitor (for temps):

    MSI Afterburner (for GPU usage/clock monitoring):

    For CPU usage use resource monitor. It's integrated into windows 7.
  4. Thanks for the info. :D
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