Windows won't boot anymore...

windows xp home
1gb ram
checked all hardware attachments just in case but im sure it's software because of the registry and system32 error.

it all started acting weird a few weeks ago when my bro noticed that the system would restart when burning a cd-rom. Well fast forward to now and it won't boot at all and before this it would boot, but it would soon freeze seconds or minutes into loading windows explorer. I've attempted all modes to try and get into windows to fix it (debug, safe mode, safe+ network,last known config etc). I can't load windows because it says that the /windows/system32/system/config*is missing or corrupt. Im assuming it became corrupt after all the numerous improper shut downs and restarts after getting the bsod on several occasions. Windows loaded to the point of atleast freezing(at the home screen profile select) before i went and got the setup cd and ran a botched repair. I say botched because it immediately freezes to the bsod when i enter 1 at the recovery console screen and says registry error of "stop:0x00000051". So to recap, i can't get into windows at all to run chkdisk or any commands and i don't have any bootdisk or even how to use them. What can i do to restore the system and repair the corrupted registry file. I added a restore point before all of this but now i can't even get in to the system to use it.
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  1. Hello: give the following URL a Spin

    Windows XP could not start because the following

    file is missing or corrupt: \WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\CONFIG\SOFTWARE?;en-us;307545

    Registry Error STOP:0x00000051 ?

    Win XP Professional Registry Stop Error STOP: 0x00000051?

    windows X won't starts:

    Windows Cannot start, File Missing?

    C:\windows\system32\config\system missing or corrupt?

    best of luck
  2. blackns,

    Just reading the first few lines, it seems (in my perspective), there's some irrepairable damage to your operating system. If my PC acted up, blue screened or gave me any systematic error regarding C:\WINDOWS\, my first instinct would be to re-format, and re-install the operating system (this is an annual thing for me). Let me know how things turn out.
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