System powers off when running tests or configuring Aero

Hey there!

I've got a system that I just put together...

It's a QX6850 with an Asus Striker Extreme, a GTX 8800 OC2, and 8 gigs of Super Talent RAM.

I just installed Vista X64 onto it. I'm not overclocking or doing anything outside of the norm. PC Probe II shows all voltages and temps in the green, with the exception of the "3.3" voltage that sometimes dips into the 2.88 range.

Whenever I try to use Vista's "Rate this computer" tool, it gets as far as configuring Aero, sometimes a little further, then the system just powers off...

It also does this if I try to run the 3dMark tests; the test program starts, but it just barely starts the test, then the system powers off.

There is no blue screen or anything else... the system just powers off.

I've loaded the latest BIOS (1305), did not help. I've also got the most recent drivers from nVidia for the graphics card.

Any help would be greatly appreciated... I'm a bit stumped :)

Anyone have any idea what might be up with this?

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  1. Look like your PSU is overload. What's your PSU specs ?
  2. It's an 800W power supply, but I'm thinking that might be enough... Asus support suggested it SHOULD be enough, but I'm thinking it isn't... I'm gonna go swap it out today for a 1000w power supply and see if that helps.

    I took out 4 of the 8 gigs and it runs OK/doesn't crash, which leased me to believe it's a power issue...
  3. 800W is plenty of power, but the quality may not be there, or enough capacity on the 3.3v rail (used by RAM). Wow, that would be weird, as it's usually the +12V that is insufficient.
    What brand/model is that PSU? If you say Ultra, that's probably why :(.

    Choose one from Tier-3 or better from this list:

    I used the PSU calculator at and came up with 460W, but I made a fair number of guesses. In your case, I'd probably choose 600W-650W to allow a comfortable margin.
  4. Thanks to all for the feedback; I got impatient and went out and bought a 1000w PSU and it's working great. And yup, jtt; it was an Ultra :) (the old one)

    Thanks again for the help - hopefully the feedback helps someone else with the same problem :)
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