cant install windows on sata drive,cant find sata drivers

cant install windows on old p4 cant find sata drivers for 82801db ultra ata storage controller 24cb. any ideas on how to do this besides getting an IDE drive and using the sata as a slave ?????
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  1. Huh? There won't be any SATA drivers for an Ultra ATA controller.
    If you are talking about the SATA controller, simply set in the BIOS for the SATA controller to native or emulated IDE mode.
  2. You only need drivers for RAID for a windows install.
  3. 82801DB (Intel ICH4) has no native SATA ports. It is an IDE-only south bridge. The first Intel south bridge with SATA ports was the 82801EB (ICH5).

    If you have SATA ports on that motherboard, they're from a 3rd-party chip (Silicon Image, Promise, etc.), and to install Windows on the SATA drive will require drivers for that controller.
  4. yeah the board has no native sata ports. in my haste i accidentally pasted the wrong adpater name, the sata controller is a Adaptec 1210SA and i still cant find any drivers for it either. cant seem to set it to IDE emulation either.

    maybe this is just because im a Noob when it comes to sata.

    still any ideas ???

    drivers should be in windows. that is, the card should be detected and installed, if it shows up in device manager then that is the case and drivers arent the issue.
    maybe a new sata card is in order.
    perhaps if you go to the hdd manufacturer website and download the setup disk for the hard drive. burn it to a cd. boot to it with the SATA drive plugged in and set up the hdd that way, then try to install windows.
  6. Download the driver from Adaptec web site:
    copy it to a floppy drive, then use F6 when installing XP.
  7. Thanks for the help guys appreciate it. those drivers wouldnt download for me earlier for what ever reason im not sure. but they do now and everything is working fine.
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