8800GT driver installation problem

For some reason I cannot get the drivers installed for my new card. The Add Hardware wizard cannot find the drivers for my card even when I point it directly to the folder containing the drivers on the cd that came with it, and if I try to use the installation utility that came on the cd it does not recognize my card.
The executable from nVidia do not recognize the card either.
Any suggestions? Am I the lucky person that gets the defective one?
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  1. What driver version are you trying to use ? I had to download the 169.02 version to get it to find my card despite having already the 169.01 version. I read that some people were able to use older drivers but not me. In fact my rl friend bought the Asus 8800GT and got it a day before me and he is on the 167.26 drivers. There is also a beta 169.04 driver on nvidia's site which supports the 8800GT.

  2. Ah, 169.02 drivers solved it! You would think the drivers included on the cd with the card would at least be able to recognize the freakin thing though :fou:

    Ah well, you are awesome, thanks for the help!
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