ASUS - Hard Disk << please read.

Ok. I got a real big problem.
I have an ASUS P5LD2-VM DH. This motherboard has 2x connectors for an harddisk... one is red, the other is blue but my cable fits both of them (it's that big, wide cable).

If I connect it to the blue one, everything works fine except the fact that I always have to press F1 for system to start because I always get "No I.D.E HDD Master Detected" "Press F1 to continue"

If I connect it to the red one... well... I cannot install any type of windows with the cable connected there, but after I install windows and update it (dunno what the hell it does) if I plug my cable back into the red one (because I had to install windows with the cable into the blue one) if I plug it back in, it's working.

Now ... why is it working in the red one after install but not before, also I am not getting the "no ide hdd master detected" if in the red one... and.. I like the red one :) (the cable has more space there, not close to the RAM memory)

what the hell is going on... anyway, everything worked fine but now it's not working with Windows Vista anymore.. im forced to keep my cable in the blue one or else windows doesn't start, it doesn't say "no ide found" or things like that except the fact that it boots... and boots... and stops.

I want to connect it to the red one... what's the blue one, what's the red one... my hard is a Western Digital 300JB.

Another problem is every now and then (once a month maybe) I get "Overclocking system failed. Press F2 to load default values and continue" I press F2 and everything is fine.. for another month. (I did not overclocked anything, messed with bios or anything like that... just out of nowhere I get this messages since I got the computer).

But the main problem is the one with the hard drive... I really don't get it what's the difference between the red and the blue one... why I get that message when in blue why not in red... why I can install and run in blue... why just run in red (in xp, not vista) ... something is wrong.. because it worked, but now doesn't anymore in vista. anyone ??

Thank you for your patience.
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  1. Check the HDD jumper configuration. Is it set to master, slave, or cable select? Which connector position on the cable is it plugged into?
  2. I had a P5LD2 board (not sure if its the same one, mine was SLI) but typically the blue is your primary IDE channel and the others are secondary. Do you have the jumpers set correctly for your hard drive and anything else on that cable? If you are using your harddrive and a CD/DVD drive on the cable, you might be encountering the usual IDE round robin of insanity due to jumpers. In the past (when I had IDE drives) typically setting each to cable select does the trick and the OS just looks for the boot partition and goes from there. You should never have to install an OS only to then change IDE channels just to boot up. Do you have your BIOS boot device order set correctly? (usually CD first for install, then HDD, so on...) If you have more than one OS or HDD, it can sometimes get mixed up, but still should look for the boot partition first.

    Another issue lies with your 'overclocking failed' message. This isn't nessarily a huge concern, but might mean that you had a boot failure or system failure and bootup defaults to your BIOS. This happens a lot when you OC and it hangs and resets, but you might have had RAM errors or read/write failures. I have had that happen to me as well, but not often. Have you tried flashing to newer BIOS? This doesn't always fix all your issues, but it helps to eliminate problems that might have been fixed in newer BIOS releases. Anyways, a couple places to start. Let us all know what you have tried and we can go from there.
  3. yep, the dvd combo is on the same cable with the HDD...

    so... I take the cable (3 slots, wide cable) first one into the dvd, middle into hard, the bottom into the motherboard slot.

    is that ok ?

    I'm not sure how the jumpers are set... how should they be?
  4. You will have to check on the drives, usually there is a diagram of how to set the jumpers on each. If not, check online for each one...they should have a jumper diagram listed in an online manual or such.
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