Extreme virus detection and signs of a botnet host ?

Hey guys, My mse detected Exploit:java cve 2012 on my computer, three of them. And furthermore I noticed these viruses are completely brand new on the deployment like im getting the viruses that come out on the market in like a day ? Also I would like to know the signs that you are being a host for a bot net, im wondering this because i was reading about it and it said the gpu fan would start to go haywire out of now where, and mine always did on start up and out of the blue Please help !

Ive also had atleast 5 detections of this sort over the past few days, all newly released virus's to ? :(
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  1. You can try monitoring outbound connections. Most PC's that are part of a botnet need to phone home and some are used for email blasts and DDoS attacks.
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