Help me pick out a motherboard that fuflills my needs:

I need the best bang for your buck motherboard that is capable of good performance on a Quadcore 6700.

The following is required:
1 (firewire) connection or more for the case (The back end isn't important, I want one for the front of my case)
6 or more USB 2.0 connections (Case and back of motherboard combined)
1 E-sata connection
4 or more Sata
2 IDE driver connectsion (though one IDE with jumper works for 2 DVD drives)
Decent over clocking potential (I will not overclock initially, and will not go to the extreme) 3.2 maybe?
Decent built in audio
Currently looking at the following
Reviews say it has an onboard firewire, even though doesn't show it. What do you guys think? $150 range.

Computer Components:
Q6700 (Intel Quad Core)
Memory (undecided) - DDR2
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  1. This is a nice mobo but doesn't have eSATA but can always add a card. It's the P35 chipset that is newer than the 650
  2. agreed^^^
    however PK5-E is $150 and it has WIFI + better cooling
    But again P5K is a very good board too
  3. Well the Wifi one is 139.99 I might get it.

    Does anyone know if these have connectors so I can connect an E-sata to my cases built in port. That is important to me. Thanks.

    BTW: Dow Wifi mean it has a built in wireless capabilities to connect to my network or share a printer through my computer?
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