Wireless router problem

i have a laptop with broadcom 802.11g card. Also i have a dlink wireless router DI614, which supports 802.11b.

i have done the configurations, but mt laptop does not detect any wireless lan.

do i need to use a 802.11g router or is it some problem with the configurations.
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  1. I think that the router has to be 802.11g compatable. If it is then it should work. As far the configuration goes, can't help you there :(
  2. yes. You don't buy a wireless card and then just use any wireless router... if it's for a house, your probley ok with a linksys wireless B router, then this will allow you to use B, G, wireless cards with this system. If your ROUTER is a G bandwidth, then you will want a Wireless card that's G not B... im pretty sure about that.

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  3. G cards can operate as B cards, contact tech support for the card.
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