Crysis crashes when I try to change settings

Installed and updated Crysis. But when I try to customize keyboard, mouse or video, the game crashes. It plays well if I don't try to change default settings. Any solutions? Thanks!
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  1. I'm not totally familiar with Crysis, but can you launch the game in some sort of "safe mode"? You can also try setting the graphic detail to minimum before trying to change your controls.
  2. what about reinstalling your devices drivers,maybe a keyboard/mice driver is not working properly for the game...
  3. Crysis is running very well now. I can change settings at will. And the culprit was: Crysis Patch 1.2.1.
    Reinstalled the game with patches up to Crysis Patch 1.2.0., and wupti!, no more annoyances.
    Thanks, and happy gamming!
  4. was it Crysis or Warhead?i just installed warhead...
  5. damian86 said:
    was it Crysis or Warhead?i just installed warhead...

    It was only Crysis having the problem. Warhead installed including Patch without a problem.

    -Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit full retail.
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