Ati Radeon 9550 Updated display drivers ...

Well I have been playing CS:S and I crashed periodicaly and it always told me my video drivers were out of sate. So one day I was so sick of crashing I decided I'd update my drivers.

So it took me to the ati website and I installed the new drivers... Well apperently it wasen't a good idea.

Now I can't play any games on steam or any 3d ones for that matter.

I tryed the rollback feature and it didn't work I also tryed installing the new drivers again (after deleteing them) and that did not help. I also Installed some older video drivers for it but to no avail.
( on a side note I lost my video driver disk that was with the card when I moved last month)

So .. i guess I need some major help.
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  1. Download the latest drivers for your card. Download driver cleaner pro. Uninstall everything ati related, reboot into safe mode. Run driver clear pro, removing everything ati related again. Boot normally, install drivers and reboot and there ya go :).
  2. I had some problems with my 9550 (256mb) and went to install the newest drivers the 7.11 ones , well didn't work so i read some forums and was told to try 7.8 drivers ( from August) no good. So i contacted ATI and they said i had to use the ones from 7.7. It has to do with a Direct3d problem and the 7.7 drivers work. Well anyways that got my system to pass the direct3d test and got my game started . I had another isssue after that though which was after like 30 mins , sometimes 5 minutes even , my monitor would go black and i would get a msg that monitor was out of frequency , locked up had to restart by pushing power button each time. Anyways maybe the drivers (7.7) will fix ur prob cuz if it's just a 3d problem it seemed to fix that for me at least. Still trying forums everywhere for out of frequency prob though:(
  3. ^ tharpelcaj, sounds like your card may be overheating. Do you get any artifacting (weird visual anomalies) before you get the out of frequency message?
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