How to change SATA mode

How does one change the SATA mode for a drive, (2 actually)?

Here is the screenshots for how it looks:

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  1. I've never used HDD Tune before. But changing UDMA modes would be in your BIOS I would think but I've only seen that as a changeable option for ATA 100 or ATA 133 devices; and all those were IDE devices. As long as your drives are running in SATA II mode then I wouldn't have thought you would need to worry about any further. I might download HDD Tune and check that **** out myself. I'm kinda interested in this now just in case there's something I'm missing lol.

  2. If the drives are SATAII did you make sure to remove the jumper off the back that limits it to SATAI speed?

    Also does the motherboard support SATAII?
  3. HD Tune is a great program, I have used it since day dot just to see the HDrive's temp and SMART status.

    But seeing these issues with these drive's SATA speed was something I never noticed (or dealt with till recently).

    I have another rig at work, which is also the same board, and it too is doing the same, reporting that they are running at ATA/100 not ATA/133.

    Changing the BIOS makes little sense as it is in AUTO mode, and as you can see the K drive is running at full speed. But I will look more closely.

    Seeing that the controller running the 2 ATA/100 drives was using the Gigiabyte's supplied Driver, and the ATA/133 was using the Standard Driver, changed them to the Standard driver as seen here which worked but never changed the speed.

    I never knew there was a jumper to break down the speed of a drive, I will look at that and check back.

  4. You were right Stoner, there are some drives, (seagate) with the Jumper on by default, mine did not have the jumper and I could not see if no jumper meant default full speed.

    Either way, I found that of all the 6 ports, the last two (the SATA2 raid ports) are the only ATA/133 ports, my K drive was running in one of them.

    The others are all ATA/100 ports, made a swap of the cables and all is good.

    Running C and D as Master and Slave in ports 5 and 6, just had to change the boot sequence and 'voila!', all good with HDTune reporting the drives running at their fastest pace.

  5. SATA drives only run at two speeds: 1.5 Gb/sec and 3.0 Gb/sec. All of the hard drive programs that report an ATA/100 or ATA/133 speed only do so because the IDE API still exists that can return those results, even though those are meaningless.
  6. So there was no need to do musical chairs on the cables? No need to put the drives in those ports?


    Andrius said that the drives are limited in capability anyway, he does well to explain that the ports are all the same, but that some of the ports use the ICH8 chipset which must have altered the result from HDTune, but I would have thought running them in a more higher spec mode meant less lag in signalling at least, (maybe not in transfer).

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