NVIDIA Lists 512MB 8800 GTS


NVIDIA Lists 512MB 8800 GTS
NVIDIA has accidently listed something on one of its web pages which would seem to support the story posted two days ago regarding the possibility of a new 8800 GTS based on the same G92 graphics processor as the 8800 GT. Originally shown on this page (although it’s now been removed), NVIDIA let slip that it may be planning a 512MB 8800 GTS, which would seem to agree with the idea of a 256-bit version of the card. Admittedly it’s not concrete evidence, but it definitely sounds suspiciously like a G92 8800 GTS could well be on the cards. The extract in question is shown at the bottom of the screenshot, and reads as follows:

5. HD DVD / Blu-ray Video Playback on NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GTS 512MB and 8800 GT is classified as Excellent. HD DVD / Blu-ray Video Playback on NVIDIA GeForce 8800 Ultra, GeForce 8800 GTX and GeForce 8800 GTS 320MB/640MB are classified as Good.

So it might be worth waiting before buying an 8800 GT if these cards are just around the corner.
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  1. Hmm...very interesting. I don't see what the difference could be between them. I mean, not too often you get two cards with the same amount of VRam. I would guess they would just unlock the rest of the sp.
  2. if the 640 version of gts get beaten by gt and this is gts with only 512 doesn't gt still perform beter??
  3. No because the new 8800gts will supposedly have even more stream processors than the 8800gt. That is what puts the gt ahead of the original gts's. It would be like a "unlocked" gt. It could always be photoshoped though, but If it was I don't think they would have posted a link.
  4. video memory means nothin what so ever
  5. apache_lives said:
    video memory means nothin what so ever

    Then pry all your on-board Vram off your graphics cards. :lol: Thats like saying GPU's mean nothing, or you mean nothing. What are you smoken cause I want some damn it. :D
  6. pifful... other wise we would still be using 128mb/64mb cards... and workstation cards wouldnt need 2GB of memory... yes, extreme amounts of memory (above 400mb~) are pointless, but please, do not just say video memory means nothing...
  7. That was a good find ramo, hope it's true.
  8. Anybody remember the 1900xt and the 1900xtx?

    Same memory, one was 20% faster than the other.

    I flashed my xt to the xtx bios speeds, but it did not perform as well in the synthetic benchies as my bud's xtx original.
  9. apache_lives said:
    video memory means nothin what so ever

    Play a game on a 128MB DDR video card versus a 256MB GDDR3 video card. it means a lot my friend. ;)

    This is interesting news though. I think it'll be somewhere in the performance figures of the 8800GT; possibly higher, maybe on par. It just better perform well under DX10 for those die-hard Crysis fans. :P
  10. It will be higher than the 8800gt if rumors are true, it will have more stream processors. Seems like nvidia is taking a step forward in stream processors but one backwards in memory. I think this is how their able to sell higher preforming cards for less.
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