Not sure if this is possible...

I've decided to build a system, but I'm going to use the mouse and keyboard that I currently own. Will I be able to put everything together and use the wireless keyboard/mouse? Do I HAVE to have a PS/2 keyboard just for the installation of vista and initial BIOS setup? The wireless set is connected by USB.

System Tech Specs:
gigabyte DS4
OCZ 2GB ram 800Mhz
evga 8800GTX
WD 320 HDD
Thermaltake armor case (shipped)
thermalright ultima 90 cooler (shipped)
OCZ 750W PSU (shipped)
20X DVD burner samsung (have)

Some 22" monitor. Undecided on this as well. Suggestions welcome. Would like it to be around US $250. good for gaming.

But my main worry is about doing the setup with the wireless keyboard/mouse.
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  1. Not sure about Vista, but Xp needs a PS2, a USB one is no good.
    Try looking for a mcheap one in a garage sale.
  2. I am using Logitech Easycall desktop. I was concerned just like you. But it worked fine installing Vista. Make sure you enable BIOS USB support (in the BIOS).
  3. How can I enable it if I cant even use the keyboard? :)

    Any suggestions for monitors?
  4. You can pick up a cheap keyboard almost anywhere for under 20 bucks. If legacy USB support is not enabled in the BIOS, you will need a PS2 keyboard to get going. I keep one around just in case of problems like this.
  5. pastit said:
    Not sure about Vista, but Xp needs a PS2, a USB one is no good.
    Try looking for a mcheap one in a garage sale.

    Uhh actually xp setup does support USB keyboards ... infact the xp setup doesnt determin usb support ... its your motherboard that has to support usb keyboards.... any decent mothboard made within the last year to 2 years supports usb keyboards for bios, dos, raid controllers, and xp setup. Hell windows 98 setup!

    Now to answer the question. if this is a new motherboard I would say no problem at all if the keyboard and mouse are usb there is no issue.... the mouse isnt used in the first part of xp setup and by the time the mouse is needed the os is partialy up and running and usb mouse support is enabled.

    about the keyboard... depends on the type of wireless signal it is useing if this is just a plain ole wireless keyboard and not a bluetooth baised set then I dont see an issue. Just make sure its pluged in and that you try to get into the bios to enable the usb support.... now when we say enable usb support... I mean that you are telling the board to provide the usb keyboard support to allow you to use a usb keyboard in a non usb friendly environment not counting the BIOS which now supports usb keyboards by default. If you find that the keyboard isnt working follow the connecting the connect button on the reciever and the keyboard.

    Now I could be completly wrong about bluetooth keyboards and they could sink up to the reciever without any os or software.... but with my experiance with the bluetooth keyboards I have used have had issues with maintaining connection to the computer even with the os up and running the correct software... Altho this could be due to the stupid users within my building useing these keyboards or even the choice of the keyboards them selves. I must mention though these were not budget bluetooth keyboards either they ran 150+$ a peice.
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