Something wrong with my 8800 GTX cooler?

Hello everyone. I just recieved my EVGA 8800 GTX and installed it and I notice that theres no hot air being expelled from the rear of card where the vents are. :ouch: Howevery I did notice that ALL the hot air is being expelled from those long 5 vents shoving all the heat into my case instead of the vents in rear where you plug in the DVI-D cable. What going on?

****UPDATE**** I have removed the thin plastic film from around the top of card.
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  1. check the temps
  2. itotallybelieveyou said:
    check the temps

    The 169.04 drivers are installed, RivaTuner 206 shows my temp to be 56c core at idle 100% fan speed ambiant 44c. I know these temps are good, but I thought all the hot air was spposed to be expelled out the back of cooler/card rather than inside the case. More air is expelled through the 5 long grooves rather than the rear of cooler.
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