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Hi again. =)

I am thinking of finally making the plunge into Vista. Since hard disks are so inexpensive, and since my current drive is about 2/3's full, I figure it makes sense to get a new drive and start a clean installation of Vista there. I can just choose which drive to boot from, for a while, and make sure I am comfortable with Vista.


I am looking at:


Would this drive perform better than the larger 7500AAKS, due to the platters it uses?

I was wondering how either or both compare to Samsung's offering, as many reviews seemed to indicate the Samsung was the best performer. Does anyone know if there are 1 and 2 platter Samsung drives with the new, higher density platters?

For me, anything > 250 GB is sufficient storage size, and I do not care about noise, as my case fans are louder than whatever the harddrive will do. So I'm really just focused on performance. (But a raptor is too small/expensive for me at this time.)

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  1. There is NO DOUBT...the WD6400AAKS is the fastest 7200 rpm drive on the market, due to it's 320 GB platters. Seek time also beats anything in it's class as well. Based on that fact, and the fact that Samsung drives are questionable with reliability...your money is best spent in the 640 GB drive from Western Digital.

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