7800GTx problem...

New to this forum...

I have a problem with the graphics in my pc.
When it's bin on for a while it gets kind of
It is not because of the drivers, I know this because
it has always bin like this.

My question is;
is it twitchy because of the graphicscard or the motherboard?
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  1. someone else might know... but, im having difficulty understanding what the problem youre having is exactly... and it might just be because im tired, i dunno.

    i guess clarification might help:

    what do you mean by twitchy?
    whats the list of all your hardware in use (cpu model, psu model, gpu model, hdd model, motherboard model, memory model and amount, etc)?
    do you overclock at all? or change other settings in your motherboard bios?
    have you run memtest on your memory to check for errors?
    what programs are you running that are experiencing problems?
    is all your software up to date?
    have you scanned for viruses and other malware at all lately?
    is something in your system overheating due to poor airflow?
    have you cleaned out your system lately from dust accumulation and such?
    have you defragged your hdd lately?
    have you run check disk on your hdd to see if windows has any problems itself?
    have you disabled any and all unnecessary software from running?
    is everything assembled and properly in place in your pc?, such as a loose pci card or something else?, it wouldnt hurt to double check
    is this an installation of windows from another computer?
    are there any other abnormal problems even?

    i guess just stuff like that and similar that you should check, and other things people might ask about, that would be helpful to people in diagnosing whats wrong.
  2. :lol: Twichy
  3. hardware config:

    motherboard: Asrock 939 dual-sata2
    processor: AMD64 x2 4200+ oc@2.4
    memory: 2xtwinmos 1GB + 2x selectra 512MB = 3GB
    GPU: Leadtek WinFast GeForce 7800GTX tdh
    PSU: Apevia (aspire) 520W 3fan
    Soundcard: SB live 5.1
    HDD1: 2xRaptor 36GB raid0
    HDD2: seagate ide 250GB
    HDD3: seagate sataII 500GB
    HDD4: seagate ide 120GB
    HDD5: seagate sata 80GB on a belkin sata controllercard pci

    System power consumption @~240watts

    I have not run any tests like memtest or similar.
    North- and southbridges were hot so I stuck fans on both heatsinks.
    Barely any dust inside the case, and no loose cards.
    I installed windows on this computer. I always install new windows when I switch computers. It is better that way. :-)

    All software up to date, and no viruses, malwares or spywares...
    I only have problems when running 3d-games or screensavers using 3d.
    When I reboot my pc the problem dissapears for a while, then comes back...

    It is like the graphics is having a seasure... :pt1cable:
  4. You don't mention your case... when I had a 7800 GTX it got really warm in the first case I had... warm enough that I'd game with the A/C on in the room just to be safe. A better case with better put an end to that. Perhaps you have heat issues.
  5. thomaseron said:

    It is like the graphics is having a seasure... :pt1cable:

    lol thats the first time iv seen someone use that description :lol:

    can you possibly take screenshots of this seizure? Does the screen just go distorted for a few seconds?
    It may even be power supply issue. Maybe the psu is dying...or something.
  6. Well, it is an old case... I've got another case with my old computer in it... more fans and more noise though...
    Thought it would look cool with a really old case with good parts in it..
    I'll switch cases and check again.. :-)
    Thanks.. :)
  7. blade85 said:
    lol thats the first time iv seen someone use that description :lol:

    can you possibly take screenshots of this seizure? Does the screen just go distorted for a few seconds?
    It may even be power supply issue. Maybe the psu is dying...or something.

    I would need to capture a short clip for you to see...
    but I don't think it's the psu, cause it was like this when it was new as well...
  8. might still be psu :p

    its not the best brand and you do have a fair few stuff in your system.

    What are the amp readings on the psu?

    then again it could also be a gfx card issue.
  9. too much to write... here's a screen...

  10. with all your stuff on im not sure 26 is ideal on the +12V rail. Even though it does go to max of 35.

    If i had your set up, id make sure i had at least 500-550 watt psu with about 40 amps on the +12V rail(s). got any friends with a good psu who might be willing to lend it to you to test it out?
  11. ok. What kind of psu do you recommend? :)
    Don't think anyone I know has one to spare... :-\
  12. a general rule of thumb is to only buy well known name brand psus (same with memory too), and to also spend a minimum of $60 USD on the psu (being how it would be brand name psu, spending over $60 USD probably wouldnt be that difficult anyhow)... the reason being, because the psu is what powers your whole system, and if its at all faulty, you can have a whole range of unexplained problems.

    if noone has one spare, what you might be able to do, is purchase one from a store, even if it is just to test out, and if things dont improve at all, just return it (assuming the store you go to will allow that).

    and going by the above responses, a new psu might not be such a bad idea anyhow... because if you place a heavy enough demand on a weaker psu for long enough, it will eventually go out on you... so its always good to have more than enough power (to keep demand on the psu reduced), as your system will only consume whats necessary for the parts to run
  13. ok. sounds like a good idea. So like coolermaster or similar?
    When I bought my current psu it cost about $90usd in todays
    currency exchange.. We've got high taxes in Sweden... :p
    But I get what you mean. :)

    If I return it within 14 days it's no problem. :)
  14. yeah, brands like that, coolermaster, thermaltake, and similar... usually if youve heard a lot of good stuff about a particular brand, and even particular model, that may be the one to look into.
  15. Thermaltake, silverstone, corsair, seasonic, tagan, enermax to name some.
  16. I've got a coolermaster 350W but it only has about 10-16 amps over 12 volts...
  17. no good.

    you need about 550-600 watts with about 35-40 amps as standard (not peak amps) to be in the "safe zone".
  18. How much for a psu like that? :sweat:
  19. well, currently a new psu isnt a requirement, only a strong recommendation, since were not positive whats even wrong yet... but, a new psu as such, is around $100+ USD, for a decent one anyhow

    heres an example of one from seasonic thats $110 (normally $120):


    its rated at 550w which is similar to what your current one is, but instead of only 1*12v rail at 26amps, it has 3*12v rails at 18amps each (54amps total), so no one rail is providing all the current

    its efficiency is also a bit better, >80% as opposed to >70%, so you dont end up with as much needless heat generation and power consumption from inefficiency... i can imagine it might run quieter then as a result too, also since its using a 120mm fan, instead of 92mm fans and smaller, that are more typical of older or lower quality psus.

    heres another ones from xclio thats also $110 (normally $130):


    has 4*12v rails @ 18amps each (72amps total), provides slightly higher wattages (600w), has a slightly higher efficiency (85%) and has a 140mm fan

    heres one from mushkin for $100 (normally $110) (they make reliable memory too, in my experience):


    has 4*12v rails @ 20amps each (80amps total), 580watts, 84% efficiency, and 1*120mm fan
  20. Thanks. :)
    Since your saying it's not sure it is the psu's fault,
    could it be the graphics card's memory?
    They're quite warm... :??:
  21. the gpu memory could be damaged, or it could simply just be overheating... what are your temperatures on the gpu when its idle, after a few minutes of gaming, and when it starts acting up? and what are your other temperatures during the same situations?

    as far as a new psu though, not saying you dont need one, but when i added only one additional hdd, i had to subsequently upgrade my psu from a 430watt psu too. i guess i had been borderlining though, my system wouldnt even boot, because it took too much power to start up... sad, lol. as soon as i got a new 600watt psu though, the problem went away. and my brother is now using the 430watt without any problem
  22. just to correct choirbass on one thing..

    on a psu with multiple +12V rails, you cant just add up the amp readings to get the total.

    Basically in short a psu with 3 +12V rails at 18amps will not be 18x3 = 54amps. Rather it will be lower, the exact value of which depends on certain other factors. Basically while each rail has the capacity to go to 18amps, you cant max them all out at one go.

    To calculate the actual max amps you will have to find out what the max watts are that the +12V rails can supply together and divide that by the voltage.

    If you look at the link you gave for the mushkin psu, while it says there are 4 rails at 20 amps each, if you read at the bottom of its info sticker it states that the total amps on the 12 v rail is in fact 38, which is no where near your estimated 80 amps :)

    here is a link to some further info if you wanna read it: http://www.tomshardware.co.uk/forum/243648-10-power-supply
  23. ok, so thats how that works then. i knew they couldnt just be added together like that, but i wasnt really sure why, or what was needed to find it out
  24. yeah, though it would life easier if it were just adding it up :D
  25. lol, yeah, i had overlooked the max amperage rating on the psus themselves... so that was stupid of me, thanks for pointing it out though :)
  26. i have a 7800gtx too, but i have a good 850watt psu (not sure why i ever bought one so powerful, to be honest), but i'm concerned that my gpu might be overheating. it usually gets around 60C. is that OK for a card?
  27. guitarxe said:
    i have a 7800gtx too, but i have a good 850watt psu (not sure why i ever bought one so powerful, to be honest), but i'm concerned that my gpu might be overheating. it usually gets around 60C. is that OK for a card?

    Very good if running in 3D mode, no good if it is in idle/2D mode...
    Keep it around 45-55C if just using the card to render your Window's desktop,
    the stock cooler of the card is actually quite good, probably
    the problem of the case air circulation...
  28. yeah, 60C is more than okay... my 7800gt is oftentimes above 70C when its being pushed, sometimes 80-90C, but that largely depends on the ambient temperatures too. the 7 series can tolerate up to 115C, so you really have no need to be concerned.
  29. ah thats good to hear, i was worried because when my CPU reaches 60c i start to panick and frantically fan it with my notebook :pt1cable: . thanks for the replies and sorry to derail the original topic a bit.
  30. 60c? thats idle temp for most 7800's, I've seen mine in the 80's lots of times, don't worry thats a fine temp.
  31. My gpu is at 54ºC when idle. The memory I do not know.. But it's surely warmer than the gpu...
  32. you did say it usually only shows artifacts and messes up after awhile of gaming usually... does the cards temperature increase by a lot when you are? (such as around 90C or more?)

    right now my gpu is idling at 50C... and i just ran a benchmark on my gpu, timed for 60 seconds, and the temperature rose to 84C during it... are your temperatures near that, or much above?

    if the temperatures are fine... it 'could' be that the memory on your gpu may have been damaged somehow, cuz that in itself can cause artifacting when running 3d applications, even if youre not overheating otherwise
  33. It never seems to get hotter than about 80 degrees... But the framerate drops from about 130-140 to around 70-80 in HL2 when it messes up. And the memory is hot enough to fry eggs on..
  34. well, it could be your memory is overheating then maybe, you mentioned a few times that they were hot... so it seems like it may be a good idea to purchase some memory heatsinks to install on them... shouldnt be more than a few dollars i wouldnt think... hopefully thatll fix it
  35. There are already heatsinks on the memorychips... :(:)

  36. hmm... you should take a screenshot of what your problem looks like, as was suggested... that way we all can see, to get more ideas, and maybe know right away whats wrong even... cuz if you can go without spending any money, thats always a good thing... otherwise it does seem like were still shooting in the dark, so to speak

    as far as spending money, it doesnt seem like a good idea, until we really know whats wrong... and i made the mistake of suggesting heatsinks without being positive, but im glad to know you already have some installed, which eliminates that as a possible problem.
  37. Hello again. sorry for not responding sooner, but my ISP had some problem with his ISP... a screenshot wouldn't show the problem. I tried to record a video to show you, but as soon as I started recording the flickering or twitching stopped almost completely.

    I had HL2 running for a couple of hours the other day. Both the gpu and memory got hot enough to get burned on.. :(
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