Help me find an alternative to FTP for my dad

Hi nerds!

Here's the situation: my dad creates lots of 70-100 mb files that his clients need access to on a regular basis. He texted me the other day to see if I could set up an FTP server for him, and I immediately wondered if there isn't something much simpler and easier out there, maybe even with an attractive GUI.

All it really needs to be able to do is allow full access for an admin (my dad) and allow his clients to securely download the files.

I feel like there's some really obvious cloud-based option that I'm just too dumb to know about. Any ideas?

Thanks :)
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  1. Filezilla would work just great for what you're trying to do :).
  2. How about dropbox or google docs?
  3. Dropbox is out of the question I think, because first of all, it's limited storage, and secondary, it's very slow.
  4. Sunius said:
    Filezilla would work just great for what you're trying to do :).

    Isn't filezilla a FTP client/server? He's looking for an alternative to FTP.
  5. In a nutshell, it is, but it has a GUI and is very simple to use. Files would be downloaded directly (which is safe), and the speed wouldn't be crippled. I use it to send a huge files to my friends, and even though they are at different end of town, the speed still reaches 10 MB/s :).
  6. I use filezilla as an FTP client and yes, it's easy to use, but then again most FTP clients these days have a GUI.

    I'm just trying to stay on topic and provide alternatives to FTP. Drop Boxes storage can be increased from the default of 2 gig, but you have to pay for it. I haven't used google docs, so I'm not sure of how much storage you can get, but if it's anything like gmail's storage, it's huge.
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