Further help need with quad temprature readings

Hi I have an existing thread......


..... but after receiving some initial advice no-one seems t be reply to my latest message :cry:

I am new to forums so I dont know if I need to flag my last message so someone knows to reply or if I just need to raise a new thread but here goes.

I would really appreciate some further advice as I am still confused :pt1cable:

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  1. you might try Intel thermal analysis tool,tat i liked it , its free downloadable findable with a Google search
  2. jimmmm, the following concerns TAT, and is from the Core 2 Quad and Duo Temperature Guide: http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/221745-29-core-quad-temperature-guide

    Section 8: Tools

    Note 4: The software utility (TAT) Thermal Analysis Tool at maximum settings will simulate 100% Thermal Load, which would equal Prime95 at 114% Workload ~5c hotter. This provides the most extreme testing available for CPU and system cooling efficiency. Since TAT is coded to measure Notebook temps, it identifies a C2D as Pentium M. As Notebooks have no Integrated Heat Spreader, thermal scaling differs from desktop CPU`s, so TAT indicates ~ 2c lower, and depending on Variables, temps may be Offset by more than 15c. It is therefore recommended that TAT be used for extreme thermal testing only, and temps regarded as unreliable.

    When recommending TAT, it is important that users are aware of the information detailed above.

    Comp :sol:
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