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Opteron Santa Ana or Intel Dual Core 21xx

Last response: in CPUs
October 28, 2007 3:47:49 AM

I am gonna build a budget computer to learn and practice linux on and also unix. I have tried using virtual software like Vmware and MS Virtual; gonna build a dedicated one. So the questions is what processor should I go for, and what will yield a higher overclock and faster pc. The processors I have been looking at are the Opteron Dual and Intel Dual.



Keep in mind I have the video card, psu is 550w 32A, case, so I also need suggestions on a good inexpensive motherboard. Was looking at the DS3L for Intel. And ram gonna buy some Corsair XMS2 800 or Kingston or SuperTalent.

October 28, 2007 3:56:40 AM

e2160 hits 3.0ghz easily but only has 1mb cache. But in a recent test cache has been proved basically useless
October 28, 2007 5:28:49 AM

Well I don't know what recent test you are referring to, because the recent article on Tom's showed cache to be very important and ram less so as a result. That said, an e2160 is an excellent choice for a budget build, since you have to pony up for the extra cache big time.

I'm about to build a (home) file server with the e2160 myself. I wouldn't pay up for an e2180 because you'll be able to overclock the e2160 well beyond what an e2180 can do anyway, and hey budget builds are all about saving every last dollar.

However, on the ram I would advise against Supertalent. I was one of the many burned by their bait and switch tactics. Go with the super-safe Kingston instead. At least Kingston wont try to pass off promos as Micron D9s ...
October 28, 2007 7:42:07 AM

why would you want to overclock cpu for server, one of whos most important duties is to be stable. and what are you going to do with a overclocked cpu in linux? get more frames in solitaire?
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