8800 GT on Intel chipset P35/X38 or aging Nvidia 680i?

OK, crunch time! I know I want a new rig (current is Intel Bad Axe with ATI X1900XTX), and the 8800 GT IS THE CARD! Question is, should I go for the 680i chipset (which is tailored for the nvidia GPU) or go for the P35/X38.
Chances of SLI are slim to none, so dual graphics is not a consideration.
Also, I dare ask for board recommendations... :pt1cable:

Thanks for all input...
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  1. Eh I'd personally swing towards the P35...but that's just me.
  2. X38 simply because it has support for DDR3 mem I beleve, and the 45nm processors, and because it goes up to 1333FSB.
  3. P35 supports 1333MHZ CPUs and 45nm CPUs too , if u dont need SLI, go for P35 board and here are some good P35 boards:
    ASUS P5K-E
  4. Hmm can the p35 not take 45nm? i thoguht someopne said they could....
    And cant most mobos go up to 1333? I dunno im not too hot on mobos.

    Mepersonally...i would get a p35 because im noty planning on upgrading my ram for a while.

    *edit - Post above wasnt there when i sarted :D
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