Velociraptor issues or concerns?

Now that NewEgg carries them, i'm ready to go.

I built my new system about 3-4 weeks ago and had to order everything without the Velociraptor since it was not out yet (I went with: and since bought another as they are that good).

Before I order, is there anything that people have had issues with? Otherwise, I read nothing but glowing praise - except of course for the 1$ per gig. I'm ok with that if it lives up to the hype.
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  1. Oh yeah, I guess I'm a little happier since NewEgg isn't selling this OEM, thought with the extra parts (fin, etc.) I guess hard to throw all that in bubble wrap :)
  2. It's going to be loud. Not going to get any extra FPS in games, maybe quicker load times compared to the newer 7200rpm drives.
  3. Hmmm at least most of the newegg reviews (not as many up yet) make it seem to be quiet - at least compared to the current ones. Do you have one?

    And yes, I know it affects load times - for everything though. Hard part is the WD I bought is so nice it doesnt quite make as much sense to upgrade as it might for others, but then since when do enthusiast only shop when it makes financial sense :P
  4. Well, from what I've seen in tests, it's usually placed among the quieter drives in comparison. And of course, it's cool, has quick access times, and loads up everything faster (from start-up and applications to games and files.) The main downside is the price. But you are getting the fastest consumer hard drive on the market, with one of the best warranties, lowest temperatures, and quietest operations. Also, it does exceptionally well in I/O performance, even in games, so yes, you can have some frame rate increase; it just won't be some massive amount.
  5. WD claims it is quiter than the Raptor (38db under load IIRC). That should put it near the same noise level as a VGA card fan set on high. :o

    That just means that you need to turn up the volume of your speakers! :ouch: :D
  6. Well, I have 6 fans in my rig but I use a Zalman fan controller and they are the super-quiet Scythe fans.

    I guess the raptors were somewhat noisy but if these are quieter, why not. I do love the current 640gb 2 platter WD I have (NewEgg sent me an email as it is up for drive of the month) but how can I go wrong with the specs I'm seeing...

    ...other than as you mentioned, you are paying a premium for it.

    I imagine in 2-3 years, there will be SSD drives at 200-300gb for about $400 or so, maybe even less and they might be mainstream.

    But until then, I guess time to put in an order :P
  7. I'll keep it simple. I currently have a Raptor 150 gig. If I was to be doing a build right now, it would have the new Velociraptor 300. Compared to my Seagate and WD drives in my other computers, its faster for loads, and I like fast.
  8. I purchased the VelociRaptor the day that they were released to Newegg. I cannot tell you how happy I am with this drive. Before...I had TWO 74 GB Raptors in RAID 0 and they could be somewhat loud at times...when they were seeking. I don't hear the VelociRaptor at all. It is hella fast

    It is faster than my older Raptors in RAID. Now I am just byding my time until I can afford a second one...and then RAID them as well...but so far...I am not sure I even need to do that. This drive is WORTH IT :bounce: :bounce:

    With that said...I can tell you that the WD6400AAKS is no slouch, either. The 320 GB platters make it almost as fast as the VelociRaptor...but the seek time is not even close. I think you're in a win win situation. Excellent performance no matter which drive you choose

  9. Ok sounds great.

    Mine should arrive tommorrow.

    I <3 the 640gb 7200 rpm new WD drives as it is by far the best performing, most quiet drive I've owned. And to think I got it from NewEgg for $115, it seems somewhat crazy that I would need a Velociraptor for $300 on top of it, but such is the world of MMO/online gaming/enthusiast hobby :)
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