How many system restore points should I keep?

Windows XP Professional is set to monitor my system drive and allocate 12% of it's space for system restore.

I have a 150GB hard drive, and I think 12% is too much space to reserve for restore points. Keeping too many restore points on my hard drive slows down virus-scanning and disk defragmentation.

Can someone please tell me about how many restore points I should generally need to keep in windows XP Pro, and also about how many GB of space is generally required to save that number of restore points?

- thanks
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  1. it's upto your need, 2 or 3 is ok.. .. i have enabled system restore on C:drive only..
    you can also change the amount of space to be used for system restore by going to properties of My computer & then system restore tab.. from settings you can fix the desired size..
  2. I have system restore enabled on my C drive only also.

    But approximately how many gigs of space does it take to store 2 or 3 restore points?
    (I know this might vary from user to user, but just a ballpark figure...)
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    may be 2 Gigs of space is enough ..

    here some details about system restore.
  4. Your answer helped me out manojgj. -- Thank you. :)
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