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I am getting constant errors when trying to install games or software . I usually get the following message : an error occurred while trying to copy a file the source file is corrupted. Now the source is clean and not corrupted in any way because i have used the images before and they worked fine. And for most large installs I only use virtual drives and ISO's. I have been getting these error messages since re installing windows. Btw I had trouble installing windows as well both with 7 and XP . I tried many Windows versions but most of them gave the same error copy message. When installing 7 i got the error on 1% and when I used XP the laptop just shut down during mid install and for some reason now the hdd password is frozen in BIOS and I didn't mess whit any security features in there. Now I formated the hdd in another laptop and have a dualboot between 7 x64 and XP X86. What is going on is there a problem whit my hdd or ram ?
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  1. That often a sign that you have bad memory.
  2. I removed the faulty ram stick but I still get that error. What now ?
  3. Nope wait I just had to extract the ISO's again. Ram change fixed it !
  4. Glad I was able to help.
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