I'm new to VLANs. I understand their concept but lack experience with them.

I am building a NAS at my home office that I would like to offer up as an alternative to online backup for another company. Online backup of large files is very expensive, thus I was thinking of setting up a vlan to their site where my NAS and their files can get synced up and be stored at both locations.

I am not sure how this would get implemented, or where to ask this question, but i figured someone here could help with the vlan atleast. What hardware is involved etc. I do have a linksys wrt54g running DD-WRT, im pretty sure it supports vlan. I also havent decided on an OS for my NAS. I will likely go with something in the windows server category.

Any input is appreciated.
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  1. Backup over wireless is a bad idea to start off.

    You would have to setup your VLAN and set your routing configuration to point to it.

    I'd recommend pulling out Google, researching into it that way and come back here to ask detailed questions over broad reaching questions. That way you can figure out what you have and other people can work with getting it correct.
  2. no no not wireless backup. lol. I was just saying my WRT54G is operating like a $400 router because of the firmware on it. I was wondering how to implement this scenario. i wouldn't be asking if i hadn't searched Google already.

    Raid 5 nas at my house (no OS yet) + Beefed up linksys router with vpn capability
    vpn vlan to office (through internet, not wireless)
    PC with data i want to sync at my office. + a regular linksys router (possibly replace?)

    I want to basically have the data at my office and my nas sync up on a daily basis or real time. (we have really good cable here 2mbps up, 15down) Not really sure if this can be accomplished solely through a vpn, or would i need some additional hardware to get this setup to work. I know you can connect two routers with vpn to create a private network over the web.


    Ok so i can get a vpn setup on my router using PPTP. I still need to know if I can accomplish what i need to, sync two directories from a machine using XP PRO and a machine using windows server or something along those lines.
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