Computer Won't Boot Up!

I configured my laptop to show the pre-boot tests run by Phoenix NetBIOS. The memory counters works, but right after detecting my CD-ROM, it stops. I cannot use F2 for setup or F12 for boot options. I had a new hard drive installed last year out of state. I have thousands of music files and don't want to lose them thru a reinstall of Windows. Any suggestions?

(I did have success once, when showing someone what was happening, it worked just fine. Of course. Worked for a couple weeks. Then same thing started happening.

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  1. Hi:you better check the following URL for a hint

    Windows XP: XP hanging on the win XP logo screen when booting up?

    IF you have a proper XP CD, look at..

    The RECOVERY CONSOLE and the BOOTCFG command.

    It can make this a little easier.

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