Antec P182

hi all,

thinking of getting the Antec P182 case as i kinda like the look of it and also the internal design of it,

although i have a concern

im thinking of having 2 WD raptors 150 in raid 0, and a 750GB WD Caviar SE16 SATA II 300 7200rpm in the lower HDD compartment, is there going to be enough cooling with just the fan that comes with it to cool these 3 HDDs ???

C2D E6600, with Zalman 9500 fan
not looking at overclocking, although will have top of line GFX cards soon in Crossfire mode

has anyone else got the Antec p182 ?? what are your views on it ?? does it keep heat down to a fairly good temp ?

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  1. I have a P180 with E6600 and Artic freezer in there with fans on low, it is a very cool case nice air flow and quiet. I used to have 7 HDD's in mine with no extra cooling so youll be fine with 3. The only thing you may want to look at is the Xfire part, i know that putting a 8800GTX in the case that the top hdd cage has to be removed or at least unused. Im not sure on how long the AMD GPU's are atm but id research this first.
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