See any problems with this build?

Thanks in advance for your assistance.
Been reading threads for a few weeks so I can decide on the right way to go (yah, I over analyze)
This is for gaming only. I dont plan on OC'ing. I hope this is a mid-to-high range set up...
Will originally load XP, but it appears Vista users with current hardware are not seeing as many problems...

CPU- quad Q6600 (thinking more for down the road, price is close to the Dual) (forums indicate that future programs will make better use of the quad core, thus the futurizing)

GPU- Was set on the 8800 GTX, but per your suggestions, I will wait to see what the GT brings us next week

MOBO- Abit IP35E

RAM- depends on best price, probably go with 4 Gig (?); Crucial, OCZ, Corsair, or Patriot (PC2-6400 DDR2)

Case- Antec 900

PSU- OCZ- GameXstream 700W

Unless you see any incompatibilities, or too low of quality parts, I hope to get a few good years out of this rig.
(looking to play racing sims like GTR2 and the like, along with FSX, and the new crop of FPS's)

Thank you for your time,

Tom W.
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  1. Yep, looks excellent.

    Obviously you are missing your HDD and Optical Drive(s), but I assume you already have/can pick out yourself.
  2. Looks good. I personally wouldn't buy Abit any more, but my experiences were with flaky NF4 boards, not the newer Intel ones.
  3. looks fine, also 8800GT may perform good ,but dont expect it to beat the 8800GTX
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