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My question is regarding the 8pin ATX12V1 power connector on the IP35 Pro. My corsair 520hx does not have the 8 pin power connector, instead it has a 4 pin power connector. Would using the 4 pin connector limit my capabilities with the board? What is the EPS12V for? I plan to overclock a q6600 and am hoping that I don't have to get a new power supply.

Thanks for any help!
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  1. EPS12V - 24 pin main connector, 8 pin secondary connector, optional 4 pin tertiary connector (Xeon and Opteron) defined in SSI specification


    In short, it's for server boards.

    Yes, the 4-pin cpu power cable should be fine.
  2. I have the 520HX. It has an 8 pin connector. Why doesn't yours ?
  3. ^^^Same here, I also have an 8 pin in my 520HX
  4. Look closer, your HX520 should come with the 8 pin cable.
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