ATI RV670 anyone?

Im sick of ONLY hearing about the 8800GT in this forum. Can somebody say something good about the upcoming RV670 cards? I know there is plenty good about them. As well as the 790FX chipset! Hell, what about a phenom x4?
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  1. 8800GT has its deserved prime-time, in a few weeks everyone will talk about RV670, how good/bad it is ;) Spider platform looks interesting, lets live and see what AMD is cooking there.
  2. What you ask involves one of the problems from AMD/ATI. There is no real information about their products, and the have such strict NDAs that even if there is a sample product or review around, it can't be published until AMD gives the official ok. So what is there to talk about?

    I can't say something good about the RD670 or the 790 chipset, or the Phenom, because I have no real review to discuss. I myself have been buying AMD chips for about seven years and would like to know something about Phenom, etc so I can decide whether or not I want it, how much money to put aside, and whether or not its competitve with Intel's and Nvidia's offerings. As it is, all I can do is wait and hope that AMD will someday allow the information out, that someday AMD will actually make the products instead of just saying that new products are on the way, and then hope that the Phenom and 790 chipset don't bomb out like the QFX did last year.
  3. Sailer pretty much put it right on the money. Since the card isnt even available yet we have nothing to base our opinion on.
  4. The 8800GT is THE card at the moment. If RV670 can offer 8800 GTS 320MB or above performance for $179-199, it will another card worthy of numerous threads. But none of us want to get overly optimistic on pure rumors alone.
  5. It's obvious to me an many others that the 8800GT is released and the RV670 is not, hence all the info for the GT!
  6. i say, just wait another 9 days. n they will release their card. n we will talk about it for the next 2-3weeks. :)
  7. I've just heard that despite it's great sounding specs, it lags the GT badly. Dunno the motivations of the people that have said that sooo....
  8. I'm also impatient to learn a bit about the phenom and the new AMD/ATI GPU as I'll be building a new (albeit midrange) system at the end of the year..
    Iron nads
  9. I reckon the phenom will be just under the price/speed of the GT. Of course here in Europe the GT still costs loads more.. Hopefully we will be offered reasonable prices on the AMD stuff. Do newegg post to Europe??
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