Log in screen not appearing windows pc

I canno get the log in prompt to appear in any safe mode -and cannot restore settings back to when they were working. Need log in screen to appear to be able to get in and repair whatever issue is...what do I do?
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  1. Hello: give the following URL a whirl

    Booting Windows XP in Safe Mode?


    Windows XP SP2 login Screen not showing and unable to open the system?


  2. I can get into safe mode by F8...but log in area does not appear. (same with other modes avail in F8)
  3. I am able to f8 into the advanced menu but in safe mode or any other mode from that menu- the log in does not appear. I have tried safe mode,safe mode w/networking,etc. Other suggestions? I appreciate all help.
  4. Since the log in screen doesn't appear, I assume it's booting straight into windows?

    If you want to enable the log in screen go to the control panel-->user accounts-->change the way users log on or off-->check the box to use the welcome screen.
  5. It is freezing after boot @ windows xp screen. ( normally would show cluck 2 begin) it is freezing 100%-will move forward to get into system at all
  6. Use this guide, and do a windows repair.
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