quick question before i buy a new harddrive, please suggestions

Hey guys, quick question

i currently have a seagate 7200.10 250 gb drive, i want to buy another so my OS (XP 64-bit) will be on a drive alone, i was looking at buying the 7200.11 500gb.
Now the question is should i put the OS on the 7200.10 and put all the games, pics, music etc on the 7200.11? or should the OS go on the 7200.11 along with the games and then the other for movies, music, etc??
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  1. I would use the 250GB HDD for your windows installation and programs and use the 500GB for data only. That way, if you have to reinstall the OS, you won't mess with your data.

    You could also redirect your My Documents folder to the 500GB to keep the data theme.


    You can take a look at that if you really wanted to customize your scheme.
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