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I recently built a new rig and wanted to compare it to my cousins computer. We started by both running 3dMark05. I got a score of 13,900 and he got a score of ~4800

I've heard that 3dMark05 and 3dMark06 does not fully utilize Quad-core processors, so I wanted to know if there was a more accurate test.

My Setup
Q6600 @ stock speeds
8800GTS 640mb
DS3-P35 S series Mobo
500gb Samsung HD
4gb DDR2-800 RAM

Cousins Setup
AMD X2 3800+ @ stock speeds
ATI X800 Video Card
1gb DDR1 (3200?) RAM
320gb Seasonic HD
Not sure on the MOBO

We both realize that my computer is faster, but we want to know how much faster. He has stated that the upgrade from his computer to mine wouldn't be a huge jump (despite the 3dMark05 score difference).

Is there a benchmark that will use all 4 of my cores and show the huge difference in performance in our computers?

I appreciate any help.
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  1. hmmmmm....... at least 2x as fast is he upgrades to yours
  2. I think Cinebench R10 will take advantage of all cores available.
  3. Intel IceStorm Fighters. Google it.
    This bench/games utilize all cores (dual or quad).
  4. Your rig absolutely spanks his in terms of horsepower. If all you do is browse the net and use Open Office (that was a shameless plug for open source software!), both rigs will perform close to the same... if that's the case your cousin is right. If you're into gaming or video encoding your cousin is wrong... VERY wrong.
  5. Your computer is a whole lot better. Also more expensive than his.
    Here are some charts to see how far ahead you are:
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