Need some advice on new system.

Ok this will be my first build and I pretty much know what im doing but i just need suggestions for my motherboard and my CPU Cooler. I will most likely be over clocking in the future but not right away. So I want a motherboard good for overclocking and I dont need SLI . And I cant decide if I should just buy the Tuniq Tower or buy the Thermalright Ultra-120 eXtreme with a 120mm fan. I will be using XP for now.

Specs -
Q6600 @ G0 Stepping
8800gt - Oct 29
2g BALLISTIX DDR2 800 (PC2 6400)
Seagate Barracuda 320gig HD
Antec Nine Hundred
Corsair HX Series 620 watt PSU
Samsung DVD/CD Burner

So i just need a recommendations on a good motherboard for overclocking and cpu cooler. i would wait till January for the new chips coming out but I realy cant wait any longer as my CSS is becoming unplayable on my 5 year old Dell Demension 4600.

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  1. Might wanna do a 8800GT sli if it's cheap enough. Or just a 8800 GTX. I love mine
  2. I play CSS, and I will be playing cod4 dx9 on XP, when i upgrade to vista next year i'm going to upgrade to a 9800
  3. How about abit ip35-e for $70 after rebate? It's one of the top overclockers.
  4. Thermalright is nothing but exeptional. IT depends on how extreme of an OC you want. Both of those coolers are HUGE. Thermalright has an Ultra-90 or somethign like that which is smaller but still VERY good if you arent going to be doing an extreme OC.
  5. I'd say Thermalright Ultra-120 eXtreme with a Scythe SFF21F or SilenX IXtrema fan. Look at Anandtech for cooler reviews, they have a bunch of comparative reviews and this combination is always #1. Haven't tried the Xtrema but I can tell you the Scythe fans are very quiet.

    Motherboard: Asus P5K (various models), GA-P35-DS3R, GA-P35-DS3P, aBit IP35 Pro. In general Asus has more powerful (but more complicated) tools for overclocking and costs a bit more than Gigabyte, for the same features. aBit IP35 Pro is extremely popular but costs more.

    If you want a setup with two cards (not SLI, just two cards, maybe different, for example to handle 3 monitors) make sure you get something with two PCI-E x16 slots (even if one runs at x4, like in the GA-P35-DS3P).
  6. I will prolly be OCing to like 3.3 >

    And i only need 1 monitor and its 1280 x 1024
  7. Get the mobo akhilles found.
    The 8800 GT is overkill for 1280x1024. You'll get what, 600 fps ? :love:
  8. ok, now should i get the theremalright ultima-90 or the ultima-120 eXtreme
  9. aevm said:
    Get the mobo akhilles found.
    The 8800 GT is overkill for 1280x1024. You'll get what, 600 fps ? :love:

    No way! :heink: aevm the 8800GT is not overkill, he would be lucky to run Crysis at that resolution with the 8800GT. I'm running a 19 inch LCD and on November 3rd I'm getting the 8800 GTX, I know I'll be lucky if I can run Crysis at mostly high settings. With all these new games coming out its only going to get harder to run these newer games and not easier.
  10. esp said:
    ok, now should i get the theremalright ultima-90 or the ultima-120 eXtreme

    Get the Ultima-120 Extreme, you won't be sorry. Quad cores require more cooling performance then a Duel core because now you have to cool four cores instead of two.
  11. Yeah, the Ultima-90 is almost as good as the Extreme but not quite. It is smaller and that comes with lower performance. Your case is big enough for the Extreme so get the Extreme. There's an excellent review here:

    Systemlord, you're scaring me. If the 8800 GT can't play Crysis well at 1280x1024, then my 8800 GTX won't play it well at 1680x1050 and then what am I going to do, read some book instead? :ouch: Anyway, yeah, he should get the 8800 GT, if the price and performance are indeed as cool as rumored.
  12. For $100 + shipping you can have both.


    ABIT IP35-E which is $66 at MWave after $20MIR


    Scythe Ninja - $29.99 No MIR from NewEgg
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