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OEM DVD-RW w/ Nero 10 (no mp3 decoder)

Bought an ASUS OEM DVD-RW from NewEgg and loaded the Nero 10 it came with and when I went to burn my first CD from some mp3's I got a message that mp3 decoding is not included in that version of Nero.

First, why would they even bother including a copy of Nero if it's not a full version?
Second, is there a plug-in I can install so that I can include mp3 files when I burn CD's?

I bought a LITE-ON CD-RW years ago (IDE) that came with Nero and I could burn CD's using almost any audio file. Is ASUS just cheap or do no CD/DVD burners come with a full copy anymore?
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  1. Just record it using windows explorer. It works in Windows 7, even though it didn't properly in earlier versions.
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  3. Been using WMP and iTunes but I'll give that one a shot, thanks Blackbird.
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  5. Your very welcome!!!!!!!!!
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