Can't understand speedfan no difference between Temp2 and Core

Hello everyone...I want to take a stab at OC'g but I'm finding an anomoly with my system,
Gigabyte 965P DS3
4 gig Ram
Antec Sonata II case with stock PS and Fan...I've removed the big tube that goes to the CPU to get air to the cpu..seems useless

Using Speedfan I notice that my idle core temps are core0=42 core1=45-46 and Temp1=38 and temp2=37-38

I've run orthos for 10 minutes and notice that the vcore temps go up to around 60-62 and temp2 hovers around 57-60. I've read Tom's awesome guide to temps and it appears that my e6700 is running in the hot range. According to everything I've read this really isn't right as well as the core and cpu temp being so close in temp. I've also checked to make sure the HSF is seated correctly. Any ideas on what might be the issue? I figure maybe buying a better HSF would be a good step but I would like some info before taking it back to the dealer. Don't want to OC if the chip is failing. Thanx again for any help. Great forum.
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  1. speedfan is not a great program, it is good but not great like CPU-z.
    Do not rely on it. Some of the temps are right on, others are just plain wrong.

    The program itself says that if you get wacky numbers, just hide them, which totaly avoids the problem of overheating, because you might think it is speedfan and not the CPU...anyway

    Look in the BIOS for your idle temp, and try other programs for the load temp.

    Good luck.
  2. atkinsom, since your E6700 has B2 Stepping, your Core temperatures are probably correct, however, it's more likely that your CPU temperature is inaccurate. Make certain that BIOS has PECI enabled, (if equipped), as well as ACPI and APIC support. You can Calibrate your SpeedFan temperatures by following through Section 9 in the Guide. Give it a try - it works.

    bornking, respectfully, your advice shows that you could be a little more informed regarding temperatures.

    SpeedFan is the temperature utility of choice specifically because it is flexible and configurable.
    SpeedFan does in fact work correctly "out-of-the-box" on platforms free of manufacturer's deficiencies.
    CPU-Z does not measure temperatures.
    If SpeedFan's "wacky numbers" you refer to is Aux 127, this is simply an unassigned input common to certain motherboards which can be "disabled".
    BIOS shows CPU temperature, and "Core Temp" will show it's namesake, but SpeedFan is the only utility which will show all temps AND allow "Offsets" to be configured.
    When properly configured, SpeedFan is reliable and correct.

    CPU temperature, Core temperatures, Calibrations and SpeedFan are explained in the Core 2 Quad and Duo Temperature Guide:

    Comp :sol:
  3. Thank you very much for the responses. I'm going to try the suggestions in the guide this weekend after wife and kids are gone :pt1cable:
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