Will a virus scaner program help?

so i have a gaming rig and was wondering if i should get a virous scaner bc windows is telling me that i should.

ive hear that it makes boot times slower.
should i have the virous scanner on my ssd or hdd?
is it unlikly to get a virus?
what programs do you like?


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    If you don't mind a virus ridden system that crashes every other second then go ahead and run without protection. On the other hand if you prefer a smooth running system then you need to have a good anti-virus/malware suite. As the free ones go I recommend (in no particular order) AVG, Microsoft Security Essentials, & Avira. Suppliment with Malwarebytes and you'll keep your machine nice and clean.
  2. Microsoft Security Essentials
  3. thx guys i got trend micro titanium!
  4. Malwarebytes < use the free non trial version of this also!
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