One of the fastest video cards out right now

Does anyone own one of these cards and can anyone comment on the cards?

all replies are greatly appreciated

this guy has been doing this for sometime now and has been getting a lot of buzz lately on forums, they seem to be beasts so if anyone can comment on them I loved to here what you have to say.
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  1. Are you considering to buy??

    If so I would not...why?...because 1) voltage overtime damages components and 2) theres no warranty. That completely throws me off, if you want best just wait till 9800GX2 or get the ATI 3870x2
  2. The 3870 x2 is what i want, I think the guy guarantees the card and is pretty good about it too.
  3. I also don't recommend buying this. If you want the fastest card out there right now, get the 3870X2.
  4. Fun that he does a BIOS mod for it.

    I wouldn't do it, he could ship you a busted card or something that won't last long without a problem. No warranty.
  5. cnu, he has a pretty good reputation on ebay, and people talk about him in other forums, he uses noribit flashing, but he is darn good at what he does, but I hear u though.
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