Bad booting but otherwise fine, help!

I just built my new computer, it works wondwerful and i luv it. How ever 90% of the time i turn it on it will begin ot boot (liek it wil lrev the fans adn everything) then just shut off for 3sec and try again. Usualy o nthe 2nd try it works but sometimes it does it 3 times! But after it boots there arnt any problems but im kidn of worryign about the boot thing and would liek an opinion on how to fix it or what it is. thanx
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  1. It might be a failing hard drive, it might be a failing power supply.
    List your computer components, and lets see if we can help you from that information.
  2. e6750 C2D
    MSI P35 Neo mobo
    500w Powerspec PSU (24-pin)
    160gb HDD (I used it from my old computer)
    6200 256mb PCI card (im upgradeing to a 8800 as u know the 6200 is by far obsolete)
    and 2 fans with 1 dvd-dl burner and 1 cd
  3. This kind of problem is really hard to fix without touching... if you see what I mean.

    That might not help you, but try to find a good computer shop. For about 40$ an hour they can identufy the problem for you and fix it if you want. Ohterwise just get back home and do what they'll suggest. Usually, if they can,t find it, you won't have to pay in good shop.

    Sorry I can't be of more help.

    P.S.: Sounds like a bad connction or PSU to me tough!

    EDIT: If your PC is connected to a power bar like me (Monster cable in my case), this might cause the problem if you shut off the power bar between start-up.

    On my Asus P5BDeluxe, my computer start, then shut off for about 3-4 seconds, before restarting normally. This normal. It made me freak out the first few time.

    If that's not what it is, forget about it!
  4. A couple of links that might help you.

    I tried to look up your power supply, without any luck.
    I would not trust that power supply, you have a solid system other than it, from what I can see.
    You did not mention you memory brand, but I would not place any blame on it for your troubles.
    I would start by looking at the bios voltages when you start you rig, if it displays +12 volts make sure it is +12 volts etc.
    If that is ok, run the hard drive manufactures utility for drive diagnostics.
    If the hard drive supports Smart make sure it is turned on and also enabled in the computer bios.
    If the drive passes the diagnostics, I would look at the power supply as the most likely problem.

    Here is the PSU that I like,own and recommend.

    I would also suggest running Memtest, link below.

    This all comes with one caveat, if when you moved the hard drive from the old computer to the new one, and did not do a fresh install of your OS, that might be the cause of your problems. If your old computer was something like a Dell or other branded computer, you will have no OS CD or one that came from the manufacturer. If this is the case, you most likely will need to get another OS CD to do a fresh install from.

    I have email notification enabled for this thread so good luck.
  5. Incorrect bios settings. Just set to default for now and see if the prob goes away. usual prob when a setting is beyond the components capabilities
  6. hello im back, sry my ram is DDR2 800 and its AMPx brand dont remember the actual company but u can fidn that on newegg and it will tell you (i think its Wintec) today it took it 5 times and i got pissed and unplugged it pressed the power button to drain the power and hooked it back up. It actualy gave me a error messege (its wierd and ull see whay i mean) it said something like BIOS has had an error and all overclocked settigns have been reset (something like that) which i didnt do any overclocking so i investigated and poked around changed soem settings (mostly if liek chipset featuers CPU features i turned them all on) and i turned quick booting off. It booted fine and il keep it this way until if it does it again. But i was thinking it was the PSU but i really hope not because i already had one blow out (on my old computer) and it pissed me off and i dont want to spend money right now because im savin up for a nice 8800GTS for my system for all those new Directx 10 games. Its ethier my HDD or PSU though because my HDD was hooked up into my old comp when the PSU blew out and the PSU i bought for my new comp idk it could be broken but i doubt it. so yeah il lrun soem of thsoe tests u guys told me too and update u later thanx.

    EDIT: sry for tha bad spelling i tebnd to type fast
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