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I have a new pc running XP Pro SP2 with
Intel Core2Duo E6700
Abit IN9 32xMax Mobo
4 Gb Corsair Dominator 8500
XFX 8800 Ultra XXX Edition
Corsair 620W PSU
Creative Xi-Fi Xtreme Music
Adaptec 29320A-R Scsi Controller
2 x 76Gb 15K HP Scsi Drives
2 x 146Gb Seagate Cheetah 15K Scsi Disks

I have put the CPU and GPU on seperate Water cooled loops.

The temps are all low even under load.

I have removed the ram and tried them 1 by 1 and also different ram.

I have just completed Bioshock on full settings even playing 8+ hours constant and never had 1 crash but when i try to play Settlers 6, WIC, MOH Airbourne i can get 30m-2hours play before it freezes its just random it could happen the second i load say HL2 Episode 2. I just reboot and i get no errors etc.

I have all the latest drivers, i have also uninstalled Mcafee and it made no difference.

Anyone know what might be causing this?
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  1. Test the hard disks with manufacturer diagnostics and also test the memory with memtest86+.
  2. Hi evongugg,

    I have already ran memtest, orthos, prime, disk chk, 3dmark and got no errors or lock ups
  3. Check for a virus.

    It could be the Power supply also. Check the voltages in the Bios for fluctuations and levels. +-10% is a problem.
  4. This is interesting as it reflects a situation on one of my machines. All other programs run with stellar results but one will invariably cause the machine to freeze. I too, have tried various and extreme diagnostics in order to discern the problem with no results.
  5. well at the moment i have removed the scsi controller and disks and re-building it using IDE, going to tr to rule out the scsi as the problem.

    I originally has the gpu and cpu on one loop so taught it was a heat issue. But have them on seperate loops and the temps are really low even under full load.

    The psu is fine i have tried the system with another one and still get the issues
  6. well i have just ruled out the scsi controller and scsi disks, as with just 1 ide hard drive it froze after 5 mins of WIC
  7. after all that it seems it may be the graphics card. Even though it played bioshock fully with no errors and passes 3dmark etc.

    I tried a different mobo, psu, cpu ram and hard disk in the pc and it still froze ingame. So i tried the ram, psu, cpu in another stable pc and it ran fine but when i put the gpu in it froze. I then tried the gpu from that stable pc in mine and all games ran fine.

    The ge-force 8800ultra on its own cooler get so bloody hot after a few seconds you physically burn your skin if you hit the cooler.
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