Custom laptop case?

I am looking to buy a laptop. Duh. I like the MacBook Pro cases - they a thin, sleek, and simple. But I don't want the Apple logo, or an Apple. Does anyone know of a place that I can get a custom laptop case (not carrying case or bag)? Or directions on building one myself?
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  1. well it depends if you are quite handy or not...

    i built my own laptop by just ordering a barebone from tigerdirect but it already comes with a motherboard and optical drive installed. but you or a friend will have to putt in the effort to gather the parts and install them.
    the advantage is that you will have the laptop you want and you can costumize it in the way you'd like. and another plus is that it 'll be cheaper than getting a laptop with everything you'd like with some extra junk built in
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