Ghost 8 as backup solution??


I bought a legitimate copy of ghost 8 long time ago and still using it now on some of my old laptop running windows xp.
It has been great.
I just recently bought myself a desktop with windows 7 installed on a ssd, and thus wondering whether i should continue using ghost 8 to backup my windows 7 os.
Will there be any complication since ghost 8 was released way before ssd or windows 7 are around?

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  1. Ghost 8 is not compatible with Windows 7. Ghost 15 is required.
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    Ghost 8 is not compatible with Windows 7. Ghost 15 is required.

    Ah i see.Thanks for the heads up.
    Will ghost 15 be the best software for backup??
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    Better yet... you don't even need Ghost anymore. Windows 7 has it's own backup solution. You can use it to create drive images as .vhd files. These can be mounted within Windows 7 via the Disk Management wizard if you need to retrieve files, can be used to restore your OS in case of corruption, and you can even add an entry for them in in Windows 7's boot manager and boot from them natively.

    I do that from my desktop now running Windows 8. My install is exactly as it was when I wiped it out. It's not read-only either, so you can patch it, install programs, anything you would do if it was installed natively on a hard drive. If you run it that way though, keep in mind you should back up the vhd file every so often in case something goes wrong.
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  5. thanks for the advice.
    I will try the windows 7 disk imaging. :wahoo:
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