Can I set up a raid 0 array before installing my new board?

I currently have an Asus p5wd2-e motherboard with a raid 0 set up on two 250g hard drives. I will be received an MSI p7n SLI-Platinum 750i motherboard in the mail tomorrow. I want to reformat my drives and set up another raid 0 array once my new system arrives. Would it be possible for me to format the drives and set up the raid 0 array tonight, prior to installing my new board, or should I just wait until it gets here. I'm pretty sure installing windows before installing the new board is a no no, but I'm not sure about reformatting the drives first. Thank you in advance for any help you can offer me.
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  1. You would be correct... wait for the mobo. The p5wd2-e has a different chipset to the MSI p7n SLI-Platinum , and you will have to reset the RAID-0 again anyway when the new board comes in.

    However, if you really need to you can format the drives now then setup the RAID-0 when the new board comes. But the only reason for formatting would be to test the drives a bit more to make sure they are still stable. which im assuming they already have been for some time
  2. Thank you very much for the info! Ill wait for the board to do anything.
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