16,942 3DMark06 Score with stock 8800 GT - Wowsers!

Just found this. Dude went 750/1000 with stock cooling and got these amazing scores!

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  1. Yorkfield 45nm @ 4.8Ghz with 1.640 volts!!! Good grief, is he trying to blow up that CPU? Is he an engineering tester? Cause I want to know where he got his hands on that processor...I did not see anything anywhere about him being given that to test. Interesting nonetheless. 16k in 3dmark06 with a single 8800gt is no small feat. Really shows what an OC'd yorkfield can do. I don't care what type of cooler he is using, that chip should never come anywhere near that high of a voltage.
  2. Lol, I saw another guy using water cooling nailed a 15,500 with his GT. What shocked me about this guy though, was that his card was all stock. He didn't have a cherry-picked black pearl or SSC version - just stock.

    Anyway, cool.
  3. Seriously though, where did he get that CPU? If he was an engineer I don't think he would be allowed to post results on a forum like that, and if he not an engineer tester...well, that's obviously illegal. SO while it may be really cool and be an impressive feat, I think there is something a little shady about that CPU.
  4. monsterrocks said:
    Seriously though, where did he get that CPU?

    Fugger's a pro OC'er, he gets given these toys by AMD, intel, nV, etc to show them off.

    He and a few others like Macci, OPPainter, Chilly, Kinc, etc do this for fun.

    He's posted a few times in the forums here, and this is pretty much his main gig getting interesting new parts and OCing them 'til he runs out of LN2 or they blowz up.
  5. HE IS HIGH!
  6. Thanks for the info GreatGrapeApe. If he is paid to show off products...he does his job very well. A stock 8800gt hitting 16k in 3dmark06 is impressive. Of course that CPU helped I am sure :)
    If that is what intel has up their sleeve, I am worried for AMD. I am a huge AMD fanboy. I have owned many of their CPUs and have never had a complaint. Of course, I have only had intels up to P4, so that's why I still prefer AMD. But if this is what intel is offering...Well, let's just say I know what I am putting in my system next time I build.
  7. dude this is an extreme example... a more realistic oc would be like 4.0 like on toms article
  8. Am i seeing things?? The 8800gt oc was great(gpu-z sees it as a 8800 ultra?), but look at rig setup at the bottom of his post. P3 @4.95 ghz?
  9. I know that it is an extreme example...didn't you see the fact that I said a processor like that should never hit anywhere near that on voltage? I would never bump it up that high. But 16k is huge, so at 4Ghz rather than nearly 5, I would guess maybe 13-14k. There is no math involved in that one; it's just a guess, so I could be completely wrong. But I dunno, Yorkfield @ 4Ghz w/ and OC'd 8800gt could hit 16-18k don't you think?
  10. mitchellvii said:
    Just found this. Dude went 750/1000 with stock cooling and got these amazing scores!


    I know very little about the details of this, so I could be 100% wrong (perhaps somebody with a little more knowledge can chime in here) but it seems to me I have seen a lot of 45 nano chips running at voltages that ~~should~~ be killing them off really quickly.

    Could this be related to Intel's new Hafnium based gates? - In addition to runnng much cooler, and using a lot less power, are these hi/low K chips able to also take a much high voltage without suffering from gate breakdown?

    Lets face it 1.64 is a pretty insane voltage... (mind you 4.8 ghz is a pretty insane overclock too!)
  11. It is obviously an Engineering Sample (look in the pictures, it is clearly stated - that "ES" next to the CPU information).

    Not impossible to obtain. I got a E6400 "ES" from a store who used to sell them at a very low price as OEM's without heatsink and fan here in Australia. In fact they realised that they had unlocked multipliers and some had 4MB cache (Conroe's) instead 2MBs like they thought (Allendale's) and they changed their price to a bigger premium on obtaining those chips from Intel. That Gold Rush lasted for 2-3 weeks only, after which the website never advertised them ever again. They either sold all their stock OR someone dobbed them in to Intel and they coped a fine or something. The store still works fine though and they are offering good deals. No harm i guess...
  12. No, I know it is an ES. But the ES you got you obtained AFTER the product launch. If he did not have legal means of obtaining (which he does) than he would have an ES of an unreleased product. Whether or not it was an ES sample was not the question.
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