Aftermarket cooling for an Asrock 939 Dual-Sata

Does anyone know an aftermarket cooler that doesn't exceed $25 and is guaranteed to fit the motherboard without any problem?

Please respond quickly.
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    This is an excellent cooler for the money. The downside is it's a bit noisy.
  2. How big is it compared to a stock cooler?
  3. Quite big really. There should be dimensions listed in newegg.
  4. I'll think I'll just stick with the stock cooler, then. I don't want any issues with something not fitting. My Northbridge heatsink is located not far below the CPU socket, and is really tall.
  5. Heatsinks are designed so they can fit, but if you're not going to OC, keep your stock cooler.
  6. I was going to go to 2.2 Ghz with the X2 3600+, so the stock with MX-2 should be sufficient.

    The X2 3600+ is 2.0 Ghz at stock.
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