Different graohiccards in 1 system


i got a question, i asked several friends, but its
again 3 peaple 4 meanings :D

so i decided to ask here.

i got a asus p5n32-e sli board with an E6600 and a
geforce 7950GX2.
now i want to extend my desktop to a second monitor,
but with my card i have to apply 1 gpu to each
monitor. now i asked me what would happen if i put my
old ati radeon 9800XT in my system and put second
monitor to it. will it boot? will it even work and can
see anything on the screen? and would it best case
even possible to extend my windows desktop to both

i would be glad about answers


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  1. You can have one GPU run two monitors, my 7800GTX can run two because I have two DVI-D outputs. Does your 9800XT have or support two output connectors? I know that your 7950GX2 can.
  2. Yes, the 7950GX2 has two DVI outputs (also S-Video, in case one of the monitors can use that). I have an 8800 GTX and use two monitors with it. The only issues I found with this setup are:

    - can't play a game and a movie at the same time (but I think a different DVD player could do it, it's just PowerDVD that goes nuts)

    - clicking when the mouse cursor is just outside the monitor, in games, brings me to desktop because the driver thinks I clicked the other monitor. This is annoying if the monsters kill me before I manage to Alt-Tab back :)
  3. Regardless of the system, or it's age, (reasonable win95+), you can have 2 or more video cards installed without issues (aside from driver maybe ). This is not SLI/Xfire.
  4. 9800XT = AGP. 7950GX2 = PCI-E
  5. nope the 9800xt is also pcie
  6. I think it's risky to have both ATI and nVidia drivers installed at the same time. Try it, but make sure you backup whatever is important on the disks first. There's a DriverCleaner utility that could help too if things go wrong.
  7. I would agree with aevm. I seem to remember that there are problems with two different vga drivers working together. Your 7950GTX2 should drive both monitors, I don't think the gpu's will each be dedicated to a single monitor. What you might do is buy the cheapest NVIDIA card that will run your secondary monitor, and is supported by the current nvidia driver. That way, no extra graphic load will interfere with the main monitor. I plan to do just that when I next upgrade my motherboard.

  8. in english :

    chose multi gpu configuration on your system

    multi display mode
    multi gpu mode
  9. where the **** did you get a PCIE version of a 9800XT
  10. sry i was wrong its a X800XT
  11. Running ATI and NVIDIA cards in the same system is fine as long as you install the software package for one and the base drivers for the other.
  12. XP no problem, Vista not possible unless they use the same driver.
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